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Community Impact

July's Edition 2020

"My three kids and I love Literacy for Companionship. From reading to the animals at our local shelter to the summer reading program, it's a great organization that's made a positive impact on our family. Nurturing kids love for reading while helping them show compassion for doesn't get much better than that!" ~ Christy Fremont, Indiana

June's Edition 2020

"LfC has made a great impact on the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County and the children they serve. The animals love the children coming to visit them and reading to them. The cats and dogs both come out to greet the children and get as close to them as possible while they read. LfC teaches the children to care about and be kind to the animals. Reading to the animals fills the children with confidence and helps them get over any fears they are having about reading out loud. I would strongly recommend LfC to parents and other shelters". 

~ Alisa

May's Edition 2020

"Two years ago, I brought my son and step kids to Literacy for Companionship at the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County, for the first time. Since then, the first Saturday of almost every month has become our ritual to come, however many of us can make it, and read to the cats and dogs. My son has gained more appreciation for reading and now enjoys telling the kittens about what is happening through the story. For my older step kids, it gives them a chance of having a quiet place where they can read on their own away from each other and enjoy all the cats and dogs at the shelter. This program has been great for boosting their reading confidence by reading out loud and explaining what is going on to the animals". ~ Elysia

April's Edition 2020

"My name is Kayla, my daughter Olivia has been a part of LfC

for about five or six months now. Olivia really enjoys going and reading to the animals. She mostly loves reading to cats, but she has also had the opportunity to read to guinea pigs, ferrets, and so many more small animals. Olivia would love to work with animals when she grows up and I think this is the perfect thing for her to do. Before entering our journey with LfC, Olivia struggled a bit with enjoying reading time. I thought that joining LfC might help her to enjoy reading a little more, and I was completely right. The longer she has been a part of LfC the more she has been enjoying reading. We have three cats at home and she likes reading to them as well. One of our cats Miah actually came from the animal shelter, she was a four-year-old stray with a bent tail. One of the days that we went to the shelter for Olivia to read to the animals we both fell in love with Miah and had an instant connection with her. We had to talk my husband into it but he was able to agree to bring her home, so the next day I went back and adopted her! We have had her for two months now and she fits in so well, Miah and our other two cats are getting along really well. Angela is such an amazing woman and she has such a passion for reading. Olivia joined a book club through LfC for the month of March and halfway through, the book club had to be canceled because of the coronavirus, but that did not stop Angela, she offered to FaceTime Olivia and they could discuss the last two chapters they read, and Angela read the next chapter to Olivia via FaceTime. They will have another meeting via FaceTime later this week to discuss the next two chapters. LfC is just awesome! Did I mention all of this is free? Who doesn’t love free learning for their kids? I 100% recommend joining LfC for your kids. LfC is one of the best things we have done with Olivia and she loves it so much"!